Buying a home for the first time or investing in a second home is an invigorating experience that is also full of a lot of stressful factors. Those who are buying their first home easily get swallowed in all of the mortgage terms and the mess of the application process. While buying a home does require some major thought, it should not be so overwhelming. That is where our team at The Rate Helpers can lend a helping hand.

We have years of experience helping people seek fixed rate mortgages so that they do not have any surprises when their monthly mortgage payment goes up as it does with mortgages without fixed rates. Some first time home buyers are not familiar with mortgage terms, which can make picking the best mortgage option almost impossible. Our staff at The Rate Helpers can guide you through the process of getting a loan so that there are less fuss and less stress.

Learning about Adjustable and Fixed Mortgage Rates

Most mortgages are fixed rate mortgages, which means that your interest rate nor your monthly mortgage payments will rise during the course of your loan. Most loans are fifteen to thirty years in duration, and spikes in interest rates can drive your mortgage payments up higher than you may be able to afford in the future. An adjustable rate mortgage is another type of mortgage loan that has the same duration as a fixed rate mortgage loan, but this type of loan does not keep your interest rates or mortgage payments from rising in the future. Most homebuyers prefer fixed rate mortgages for a variety of reasons, but an adjustable rate mortgage can provide a lot of benefits to those who are buying their first home.

Home Affordable Refinancing Program

HARP loans are also very popular among people who are searching for a loan. These loans are for people who cannot get refinanced because their home has decreased in value over the years, which can make it nearly impossible to find a lender that is willing to work with you. These types of loans can help homeowners get a more reliable interest rate and mortgage rate, which can ultimately help you save money. Homeowners who are struggling to keep their head above water might find this loan to be the most beneficial to them. At The Rate Helpers, we can help you explore HARP loans to see if they are the, right match for your individual needs and budget. We are ready to put our years of experience and expertise to work for you so that you can snag the best rate on your mortgage.

Surpassing your Expectations

It is our mission to meet your needs while surpassing your expectations all while keeping your budget in mind. Our staff is happy to answer any questions that you may have about the various types of loans and rates that are available to you. We will help you scour over your options until we find the best one to suit your budget.