Mortgage Broker Edmonton

Article provided by: The Mortgage Planners

Mortgage Broker Edmonton

Who needs the help of a mortgage broker in Edmonton? Anyone looking to purchase or build a home can benefit from contacting a mortgage broker. If your bank turned down your application for a loan or is offering to fund at a rate of interest that doesn’t meet your needs, there are other options available to you. The Mortgage Planners can help you access a network of lenders who will compete for the opportunity to lend you money.

You’ll benefit from working with more than one lender in many ways:

  • When multiple lenders compete for your business, the results are predictable- rates go down, and terms become more flexible. It surprises many of our clients to learn that their bank is no longer the only game in town.
  • You’ll save a lot of time and effort with the help of a mortgage broker in Edmonton. We’ll do all the work for you, so the only phone call you’ll have to make is the one you made to us. You can even complete the application process right from our website if you prefer.

  • There’s no need to sit down with an interest calculator to figure out the best lending package to accept. Our agents will bring the deals to you and recommend the best one for your home purchase or new build. We’ll spell it all out for you so you'll know ahead of time what to expect when it comes time to make your first mortgage payment.

We’ll Work Hard For You

Our primary expertise is in locating funding for our clients. We know who to call and where to turn for the lowest rates and most flexible terms. If you happen to have a low credit score or no credit at all, we know which lenders to contact for guaranteed approval for your loan.

When you turn to your bank for a loan, numerous limitations and restrictions apply, which is why many applicants are turned away, even when they can afford the mortgage payments. If your loan application has been turned down by your bank, you may be in a position to access a better rate.

You Have Nothing to Lose

Our services are almost always free to clients, with rare exceptions when complicated or complex financing is necessary. For this reason, you have nothing to lose by calling us to inquire about a loan. The best move you make could be calling a mortgage broker in Edmonton from The Mortgage Planners. Save time by applying for a loan right now through our website’s application form.

Use Our Free Resources

Our Learning Center is designed to provide a wide range of information to clients without the need to make a phone call or send an email to a broker. Simply hover your mouse over the ‘Learning Center’ link and select from the menu. You can also access our free video library at any time for additional information about mortgage solutions.

Mortgage Broker Edmonton